They were also to issue him a thousand pseudo-dollars in the form of Swiss gold coinage, the judge had told him. He left the hotel and walked around the street across from it.

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  • High praise, coming from a man who had specialized in real European history, with the chauvinism of the historian for the era he studied. A woman with a massive tumor checked out of the hospital a day before surgery because she didn't want to approach her condition out of fear and panic.
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    She glanced up and saw several of the small gull-like birds wheeling and gliding effortlessly with wings outstretched.

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  • Small black bugs crawled about the fruit, then revealed themselves to be tiny black eyes, which blinked wildly at the falling rain. In one church, a kneeling lady got up from her prayer, for a moment, to offer us her card, as a teacher of Music; and in another, a sedate gentleman with a very thick walking-staff, arose from his devotions to belabour his dog, who was growling at another dog: and whose yelps and howls resounded through the church, as his master quietly relapsed into his former train of Page 84 Dickens, Charles - Pictures From Italy meditation - keeping his eye upon the dog, at the same time, nevertheless.

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    He could hold the entrance against them, he was sure, but his every bit of training resisted simply standing on the defensive.

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  • His left eye was a gaping black hole oozing blood and pulped brains, and the rest of his face was a red- and grey-smeared mess.

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