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Adiatunnus is after gathering all the men he may, to hold the Gradi back, that being the reason the two of us get to do a soldier's job so soon.

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  • Nothing moved and the only thing he could hear was the thunderous beat of his own heart.
  • I waved Mahz away and beckoned Zur to report to me. A subtle give-and-take is going on at the deepest level between parent and child.
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    One present proposed that the fatal pudding should be tied round my neck, like a mill stone, and myself pushed overboard. Since it was winter, I hoped the policeman would look only at the spots of frozen ground where the vegetation had died back, and imagine that we'd planted squash and sweet potatoes amid the decorative plants.


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  • Needing is openly reaching out and asking for support from a man in a trusting manner, one that assumes that he will do his best. At this, Bass could not help squirming a little, uncomfortably, for he still bore that very man's gold-hilted Tara-Steel sword and his dagger and his matched pair of wheellock pistols, all of them garnered from the Prince's corpse after a battle in England.
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  • They rode until the sky was turning gray, and then Considine led them into a narrow draw, and up to a pole corral containing four horses. Then his gaze landed on the top page of the agenda.
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    He put his head back and looked up into the branches above him, where the blue sky could be seen in patches through the leaves. I'd have given my life for that, for the reality instead of the courtesy-and instead you gave it to me free.

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