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  • Next autumn, when we get new winter clothes, I shall have a fur trimmed red-brown.
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    So, President Jien mused, Hasan has already been named Imam as of yesterday?

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    We got one with the first car that swung onto the ramp. He remembered them and others, dozens of them, some were vaguely familiar features, just shades at the edge of his memory, but others he knew well, had liked, or disliked, and even hated.

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  • Others looked big enough to swallow the shuttle with ease. The major opened her mouth to choose the former, then closed it to think a second time.

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    It turned out, though, that within the community, behind the grubby facades of all those tenements and workshops in Cable Street and Whalebone Lane, there were vendettas and feuds that, had their origins in two adjoining mine shafts five hundred miles away and a thousand years ago. Oh, as you wish if you will have it that I dress myself for a festival, let it be so ... we will have our own festival here, then!

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    He almost forgot the fifth person, who was forced to follow unconditionally his government's orders but who was already hesitating deep inside, in his heart, and seriously begun to ponder Rhodan's true aims.

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