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At first I was jealous that my Master spent time with these others, but, since time was meaningless to us anyway and I knew that my Master's love was infinite, so that his love for the others in no way diminished his love for me, I soon outgrew that particular childishness.

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  • These were unmistakably the stickies, carried along by the Sunchildren, hyped up to a fever pitch of destruction. The fatigue was crushing-but he would bear it, he promised himself grimly, just as he had borne his years in the dilithium mines.
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    What our ancestors would really be thinking, if they were alive today, is: 'Why is it so dark in here? No farther! the voice I now recognized as my own said to me.

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    Then the chieftain called the rest to him for their reports. He told Lord dy Lutez, of course; Ias kept nothing from dy Lutez, except for me.

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    I kept thinking of the five young thugs lying back there with the cobweb fungus growing out of their bodies. You said you were going to shoot the potluck on Seven Suns.

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  • He spoke broodingly, watching Fergus and Marsali, who were absorbed in close conversation by the rail on the opposite side of the ship.
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    Casual Wear

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