The minute my mother told me all this, I knew I just knew you would think it was part of some plan of mine to turn this into a dude ranch/health spa/exercise club.

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  • He's as snug set as a baby in a hearth cradle. Scarsissime sono le informazioni che giungono dal Metacosmo. una condizione dell'essere chiusa in se stessa.

    You live in a small town, and you didn't think everybody would know already?

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  • She was sympathetic, covering Susan with an extra blanket and giving her an anti-seasickness pill.
  • Charlie's voice had the thin, fragile sound of insanity, but that didn't mean he wasn't holding all of the cards.

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  • He had probably hummed and smiled just like this at Count Dracula while preparing that other stake.
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    As he had expected, the gap between the buildings was only about four feet wide.

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