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  • But I was just getting really into the coup at that point, and I decided to concentrate on that, instead.

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    Did you see that big feesh? groaned Hector, still sitting dazed and wet on the deck.
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  • Ilna said crisply, starting with a question that might arouse suspicion but was innocent in itself.
  • But, he thought reluctantly, because it would not stay buried, who is it that's alive? The witch shrieked and veered to the side, plummeting toward the open door, but Cordelia swirled in on her broomstick to cross the witch's path, hurling a bucketful of water.

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  • Dolly was more sorry than she could tell, that he should have taken so much trouble.
  • These visitors made the journey without announcing their intentions, fearing the disapproval of their friends. Another trumpet answered from the gate parapet; an interplay of calls brought men out at the double to line the road on either side and prompt the other travellers with ungentle haste.

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  • A light tap on the door told Eric that Greystone, as usual, had been right. He had probably been shown a picture of her, he hadn't been looking for Marie Antoinette.
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  • Then do they haggle over the bloodmoney, for the dead was a strong man, leaving many sons.
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  • She waited, her nose all but pressed against the window glazing, straining for the first signs of their return and fighting back her resentment that she, a girl, was not permitted to join hunting parties.
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    The nurse filled her pitcher at the sink and scurried ahead of them.

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