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  • I'd been concentrating hard on the math problems, and now, suddenly, I was told to abandon them and report to the office - with my coat, which could only mean I was leaving school. The sheep has a sharp hoof, and he cuts the grass below the stem, right down into the root.
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  • The cellar beneath the church was deep and wide, lined with brick; bodies crowded it, huddled together in the shuddering dark.
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    Poirot, this room is exactly as it was last night. At 0040 the barrage stopped and the whistles blew for advance.

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  • Exercise 4 - Do the same as before but with 2 states that are more similar to make it more of a 8 challenge. Julian remembered that Aunt Fanny had said that George was absolutely truthful, and he scratched his head and looked at George again.
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    They looked at it, dressed now in their old jumpers and their faded and patched pants, and they hesitated.

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  • People whisper that the world is ending, that the Dark one is loose again.

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  • Gibson brooded over this remark all the way back to Port Lowell.
  • Greave came down carrying a slip of yellow paper, leaned in the door way. I came to the city three days ago with twenty-six coins, but I have had to take lodgings, for which they charge me a half-silver a day.
    Driven forward by the inertial momentum of a two-million-ton starship slowing from one-eighth light speed to barely a kilometer per second, the leading edge of the Grissom's saucer made contact with the comet's nucleus.
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  • Her limp was so pronounced that she rocked from side to side at the hips with each step, as if in danger of toppling over. But of course the animal would not keep it up; Balook was really not a running creature, and soon overheated when he put out too much energy.
    All through the long months of traveling to district assemblies, training or shuttling from station to station, persuading, cajoling, browbeating, explaining the elements of Mars's future government.


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