A suitable place was chosen (generally some desert isle as far removed as possible from the pathway of commerce), and the condemned man was rowed from the ship to the beach.

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    And anyway it wasn't a polite thing for you to say. If he had the letters I could have the historical commentary.
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  • He was ambling back from the Mended Drum, the most determinedly disreputable of the city's taverns. But I forced myself to put it here; and now it's cured me cured me.
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  • But he felt less reassured about the Terrans- at least some of them.
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    He had used up all the rounds in his pockets while at the Coltranes'. Many times, the Church had sent missionaries, had even established minor chapels inside Alpinador; and every one of those excursions had ended disastrously, with missionary monks never heard from again.

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    They had discussed this very possi bility before bringing the white worm from its feast. Here in the mellow autumn countryside everything might seem at peace, but for all that men walked warily and held their breath to listen for news, and even bishops might need powerful friends before all was done.
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  • The ones we've got left have become stretched ever more thinly as we've advanced further into enemy space. As it developed, her surprise was as total as she could have wished, but she drew no joy from its effect.
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    I do not think you are unwelcome here, she said. When he could stand it no longer, he grabbed her beneath her arms and hauled her over him.

    Louis L'Amour Booty for A Badman The Sacketts - Short Story from the collection - War Party - Booty for a Badman When my roan topped out on the ridge, the first thing I saw was that girl.


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