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  • On that March morning in 2197 when Alastair Moore called me to say that the latest images from Excalibur indicated that we had another extraterrestrial visitor, I nearly wept with joy.
  • From now on you will conduct your investigations with unprecedented vigour. Yes, Congressman, in my biased opinion, most ambitious men-and women-who run for such offices do so because of the exposure and, if they win, the clout.

  • Whether anything of the flash flood was now left was questionable. It was Kiefer, and I went into the bathroom and dried my hair with a towel.
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    Prince Andrei, retiring into the barn, threw himself down on a blanket, but he could not sleep. Through their clouds of sorcery, ill meant, have we broken thus far.

    A man could do a lot of thinking if he was alone with himself in a spacesuit, Helmut reflected. When Dasinger returned presently to the control section Duomart sat at ease in the pilot seat with coffee and a sandwich before her.
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  • The hollow surrounded them without any stairs, through here and there lay a suspiciously smooth piece of stone, colored red, or blue.
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    His last five years were those of an enlightened despot. When Winterbourne warns her to take medicine against the fever, she answers in a strange tone of voice, I don't care whether I have Roman fever or not!
  • The top box lowered itself on two long arms from the top of the other rack.
  • The security gates that had bisected its circular path had by now collapsed, twisted by hammers and wire-cutters and the frantically grasping hands of slaves set free. Here is Mount Clear, Mount Rusty-Nail, Mount Eagle and Mount High;-- The mice that in these mountains dwell, No happier are than I!
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  • But the veritable shining-red-faced shameless laundress; the true Mrs. Sweeney - in figure, colour, texture, and smell, like the old damp family umbrella; the tip-top complicated abomination of stockings, spirits, bonnet, limpness, looseness, and larceny; is only to be drawn at the fountain-head. The volcanic surface, too, was getting pretty damned warm, although not bad enough to cause burning.


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    Maybe his glances were really searching looks, hoping to see in her face some sign of her love. Up to that point it had looked fairly simple, if I could get by without any more murder.
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