• There was a new book from the Public Health Service, on stretching exercises. Do you know how few glads have taken the crown after only a triple?
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    I have lived a thousand years and more without making a blood drinker, and now you, within months of your own transformation, would make the first mortal for whom you feel inordinate love? Lady Rookwood uttered an outcry for assistance; but the man, whoever he might be, disappeared in the instantaneously succeeding gloom, leaving her in doubt whether or not her situation had been perceived.

    Of course, Theo had probably not yet met whoever it was who would one day want him dead.
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  • But he was only vaguely aware of them, his heart pounding too hard for his head to keep up with it. Richard swallowed when he saw the devastation the wind had brought.
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    Over 40 years of experience.

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    But there was no response, just the eternal silence of the rain forest. Rosa had read many books during those years she spent abroad; read them mainly, as it had since seemed to her, while waiting for men to keep some appointment or other; and Mrs Du Quesne had brought back Tess of the D'Urbervilles to her, though Mrs Du Quesne was far, far older than Tess had been permitted to be.
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  • Before they arrived, however, the skimmer veered through a warren of side streets, skidded into a wide driveway, and drew to an abrupt halt on the capacious front terrace of a huge estate. And she couldn't wait to get her arms around this situation and make it hers.
  • Then they were out in the light again and the stern screen showed the immense mouth re ceding behind them. The Sailor caressed the egg with nakedly inhuman hands -- black-pink, thick, fibrous, long white tendrils sprouting from abbreviated finger tips.

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