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    The machines will continue to function under their automatic controls during the short time it will require to abate this nuisance. A very distasteful man, he reflected; but then he never had liked the English.

    It nests on a huge mound of old books, which it keeps in order by means of the Dewy Decimal System, tiny droplets of moisture on the bindings which only it can read. It was that sense of honor which told him who he was, which linked him to all of the generations of his fathers and mothers in honor and charged him never to disgrace them.

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    He kissed her slowly, barely brushing her mouth with his lips. I felt the multiordinal universe unfold around me, sensed the layered planet underfoot, apprehended expanding space, dust-clotted, felt the sweep of suns in their orbits, knew once again the rhythm of Galactic creation and dissolution, grasped and held poised in my mind the interlocking conceptualizations of time-space, past-future, is is-not.

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