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  • And he had come to meet her at the station?
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    They mixed flour with the warm water till it was a thin paste, and of this they drank many cups. I found Marino squatting by the back door on the driver's side, studying a section of green garden hose leading from the exhaust pipe through a partially opened window.
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  • They were sitting in Starpower, Ltd's one and only conference room, a tiny cubicle with an oval table that felt crowded even though only five people were sitting around it. It would be nice to address them from a position of superiority for once-wouldn't it?
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    The three men surrounded Martin, all talking admiringly and at once, until it seemed to him that they were talking against time for a wager.

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  • This last observation at least is incontrovertible, given that Nigel has just ended his attempt to attract David's attention with a volley of abuse. Though how they did that I spent the first six years of my life getting prodded, probed, biopsied, scanned, sampled, sliced and diced by doctors.
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  • She surveyed her past victims, lurching down the path to certain conquest over another. Hold the men of Tyros left aboard at the parapetsl I cried.
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  • You were impudent, disrespectful, but, as your uncle said, you were not a liar.
  • Culinary
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    As a matter of fact it's the only casket I've got left and probably the only casket in Timucuan County.

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  • Bayer held out his hand and showed him three twenty-sided dice. But it would be days or weeks before she could fight properly.
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