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  • I think you are just looking for an excuse to get away from me and the children.
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    Exhilarated at finally having the opportunity to be of use, Aille attenuated his perception of the moment's flow in order to better take in his new surroundings. And the android realized he'd been seeing that blue Dodge a lot, and in many of the same places Modular Man had been in the last few days-refugee centers, shelters, a ceaseless midnight patrolling of the streets.

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    Over 40 years of experience.

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  • Jonathan signaled Alanna to remain behind while he showed the others out.
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    He shrugged, but he looked desperately happy to see her. Exploit first as short story, then as the first episode of an endless serial called `The Stonebenders, a double series -- one angled toward adventure, the other toward sensies; exploit other rights according to the universe in which sold or leased, copyright where possible, otherwise grab the money and run.
    What you need to be aware of is that they are close to a major discovery down there. Besides being high-handed, I think such an action would only stir up a hornet's nest of trouble.

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