Aviendha's stance had shifted to wariness, though she did not seem aware of it. Assuming the victim went to the horse races, she may have met the offender at the races that day or even been previously acquainted with him and accepted a ride.
  • Bhaer put an arm about him, and said in a tone as compassionate as it had just now been firm: I think you will.
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    That he came of his own will, to learn our ways.

    He was trying to shut her up, but I could tell she was yelling so I would hear it. From the top, the man repeated, I need your clothes, your boots, and your truck.

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    Hunter entered first, judging that more potential danger to his team lay in the uncertainties inside than in the empty street outside.

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  • No sooner had the express vanished in the distance than in steamed -- the language question.
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    She wondered just how strong those tendril-like vines could be ...
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    Before I fetch Winslow, I have one more instruction to give you, Judith said. If this was a moment of truth from the storybooks, it had drifted well away from its origin.

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