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  • For eight years he and this particular secretary had been barking at each other.

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  • After a month of cave crawling, I've never been in better shape. Much as he wanted to learn more, Dennis knew Baron Kremer wasn't the best topic to dwell on.
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    I feel much better He left the sentence unfinished and turned around sharply to look at Miralys who was heaving himself to his feet.



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    Just now it was indeed with her, helping her to satisfy the curiosity of the leaders of this strange place, while she waited for word of Zach.

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  • The grass and sky are beautiful, are they not, Slave? he asked. What little provisions he had taken with him had sunk beneath the black waters with Artax.
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    Perhaps someone will even tell a story of me, one day. Murphy smiled, a curving of her lips that was a vibrantly feminine expression, making her look entirely too pretty to be such a hardass.

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  • Arskane still lay belly down beside him, his head pillowed on an arm.



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