And my dear, it has always seemed to me that this relationship is more about antagonizing your father than it is about you and Mikael.
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  • But, as a seal, like on the temple door, it had a circle around it, not a star. I suppose, Khan observed philosophically, even the dying and the diseased cling to whatever meager prospects they might possess.
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    Over 40 years of experience.

    Right now we've got a shift in Drive, but only me and Keltie in Navigation.
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    They spoke fluent, unaccented English and were described as good-looking with heavily tanned skin. He adjusted the right buttons, and headed where it told him.

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  • I picked a way and managed to scramble to the top with nothing worse than a cut on my hand.
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  • I am the Granny of this Castle, and the senior Granny of the five that share the housekeeping of Oklahomah among us, and I tell you, Uppity fourteen, aren't you!

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