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  • The first book published in 1958 was also a paperback original.
  • It sounds like he's bargaining with us to go free, and he isn't. The Lotus snarled derisively, and without warning the Checker swerved around and threw itself full speed at Kit and Nita, still braced against the wall.

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  • Cuss you, I can see now why you was so anxious to make up the deffisit -- you wanted to get what money I'd got out of the Nonesuch and one thing or another, and scoop it ALL! At that rate they would not reach their goal by this route in less than three and a half to four days.
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  • But it is a debt I look forward to repaying. Waitkus pressed the switch that would send the concealed fire doors around the chapel area, sealing it off.

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  • Those simply too uncooperative were killed on the spot more than twenty of Madi's people were shot dead, including her mother, younger brother and two uncles.
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    What interest could the Guardians have in research which yields them no more than they possess? He bit hard on the metal to hold it steady, then pulled the trigger.

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  • The worst thing was that I actually believed I should jump.
  • There are prisoners in the Room of Chains, sent a month ago by the grace of our lord the Godking from his city Awabath. Which put the entire problem at their door, since the College exists to answer the answerable.
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    He wore a leaf-green cloak and calf-length brown walking boots.

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  • Ayrlyn was attempting a crude lutar, using fiber-cabling from one of the landers as strings. I'll play it on that big new quad phonograph of mine when I get home.

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  • Beyond the town they gained their first glimpse of the lighthouse, upon a natural island of rock joined to the mainland by a long causeway of stone, topped by a compacted dirt road.
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    How to make Considine think his future exec beating up one of his own men was kosher, when that man might just have him by the balls? He buttoned and belted his greatcoat, took the collapsible top hat and cane from one of the pockets, and tugged a doeskin glove onto his uninjured hand.

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