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Errtu felt the familiar sensation of power more distinctly on the material plane and had little trouble discerning the direction of the emanations.

When I say that the House is everywhere, I really mean everywhere. Alex, we're both really, really afraid of attachments right now in our lives.


  • She is drawn to his danger, his sense of threat, and also to his copious charisma.
  • A wiry little man named Pace, he was from Texas and seemed to think that proved something. If whoever is running this show won't come to us, then it's time for us to go find them.
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    Environed he was with many foes, And stood against them as the hope of Troy Against the Greeks that would have ent'red Troy.

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    That the Leaves of the Olive and some other Trees solstitially turn, and precisely tell us, when the Sun is entered Cancer, is scarce expectable in any Climate; and Theophrastus warily observes it; Yet somewhat thereof is observable in our own, in the leaves of Willows and Sallows, some weeks after the Solstice.


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  • Later, when the men had gone to sleep, she came to the storeroom door and peered in, looking for me. Though it was not yet light he became conscious of the Strassenbahn going by and people passing him in the streets.

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    And when she do, all us together gon whup your ass. The realization had a surreal aspect to it because, as she grew up, the part of her uncle's life that had gone before his becoming a Jedi Knight had receded into the dim past.

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