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  • He was standing against the rear wall of the funhouse, in an exceedingly deep pool of velvety shadows. The moon was waning and a light cloud cover shielded the starlight- It was a perfect night for death.
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    In the stillsuit, he abandoned security and put on the old skills of violence.

  • The same objection applies to this set of three planes which I won't let you have neither, so don't bid for 'em. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say, Sarah Dobbs joined in.
  • This was a flagrant libel, for in fact all charges against Terry, Marvin, Mother Miles and Crazy Cross were dropped less than a month after their arrest.

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  • Stretched out on the locker under his stern window, Jack revolved this in his mind, revolved it again more slowly, and again, and so sank far down and away. I was making a London-Capetown flight, and my plane developed engine trouble, the pretty aviatrix explained.
  • Like a B-52 with a couple of Eagles for escort.
  • His pride had better things to feed on than this. Water pattered on the leaves of the trees and drummed on the car roofs.

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  • I'm walking in his footsteps now to keep the snow out of my pant legs.
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