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    Either Mike was merely a private citizen (in which case this silly gymkhana should never have been held; Douglas should have had the guts to tell all these overdressed parasites to stay home!)-or, by the preposterous legal theory inherent in the Larkin Decision, the kid was a sovereign all by his little lonesome. We'll have to conduct a very thorough survey of the Solar System before we know.

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    With the rampant confusion everywhere, there were a hundred ways he could get out of Novgorod.
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  • I know more than the rupert, for all that he gets little letters from HQ that worry him so much. Every eye in the corridor was locked on the two principals in the threatening standoff-every intelligent eye.
  • Behind him the foliage was profuse, junglelike; to the sides were the shadows of other figures.

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  • The wehrluecken were basically permanent dams built across the river with a central gap or spillway wider than the maximum beam of a barge.
    Men and women wearing glasses, which were something Kelvin had only heard about: sets of glass lenses perched on faces.
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  • Greens don't know the mechanics of timing it without guidance, and Golanth had done so much at Monaco and Sunrise Cliff, Lessa said softly.
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