• He had been trying to find an Adept to teach him, with no luck. His sister's blushes were enough to convict her, and they were mightily becoming, too.
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  • Watching him, studying him, she slowly crossed one leg over the other.
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  • The creature quivered, rolled on its side, began to thrash.

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  • The wind was cold, chilling the sweat on Eddie's uncovered arm. To Moses, whom he called friend (33:17), God said, You may not look directly at my face, for no one may see me and live (33:20).


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    Ale tutaj powietrze jest nieruchome, morze zastygo, nie czujemy nigdy gorca ni chodu, nie znamy porankw ni zmierzchw, a ziemia, bardziej nili my martwa, nie daje ycia adnym istotom zwierzcym. Doctor Soong programmed Lore, too, sir, Riker reminded the captain.

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    Slowly- with a tortoise gradation- approached the faint gray dawn of the psychal day.

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    He had no strength left, made no effort to grip the raft, did not even try to hold up his head.
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    A tendril of smoke began to rise out of the shimmering light that enveloped the table. A few big white clouds had appeared in the sky, and the shadow of one of them rippled across the log structure.
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