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  • The theater was semidark and crowded, people standing along the walls when all seating was occupied. The name Lothland first appears here, and this is the first time that Himring (Himling) has been described, or an interpretation given for either form.
  • After two days of light snow, the sun had returned, and with it came a biting wind out of the northeast. But nobody would snatch you for that reason, Dillon told her.

    Their determined striving in the face of their mortality is the very definition of courage, the essence of nobility.

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  • Ryan patted Dean on the head and nodded to Krysty, then he turned away, closing his good eye and concentrating on filling his lungs with as much air as possible. Perhaps there were some captains who would resent the diversion of a galaxy-class starship on a small errand of mercy, but Picard was not one of them.
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  • At this range, even Darva couldn't miss, and she seemed particularly proud of herself as she gave me a wink and a big grin. He looked wildly around the desert and spotted Kawalsky aiming down at him from a far-off dune .
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    The time was actually about half an hour, but felt like a piece of eternity, while the balloonists labored to stay free. A fog that does not lift and does not move.

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    Over 40 years of experience.

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    They were all dressed moderately well, though not expensively so. Equality for all-something he'd been taught in Soviet schools, except here they actually lived it.
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    You will have to disguise the attack group or make it invisible.

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  • Catch Object: Upon command, the falcon will catch a small object thrown into the air or a small falling object and return to the falconer.

    From the shadows came one of the dark-smocked men and put another plate in front of Charles Wallace, and he began to eat eagerly. At the first faint sound in the labyrinth, he jumped convulsively, and would have started like a hare had there been any place to run to.

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  • Some glanced darkly at the wood, and passed their hands over their brows, as if they thought their eyes saw otherwise than his.
  • Bingley's conduct to design, said Elizabeth; but without scheming to do wrong, or to make others unhappy, there may be error, and there may be misery. She had no military experience, but she'd lived on frontier worlds most of her life.
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    In this direction the sea and our colonies are the safeguard of England.
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