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  • As the fish fell back into the water it rolled, lifting me into the air. The ban against their return to Crimea had been lifted in the 1980s, and they'd been returning ever since, in larger and larger numbers.
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    Over 40 years of experience.

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    My legs were numb with cold, and I thought I should have stumbled.

  • Pero nuestras municiones eran estancas y nosotros bamos atados muy fuerte a los troncos. The cat hadn't mentioned the visitor was mounted; but the cat made nothing of the difference between someone on foot who hoped to barter for knowledge, and a horseman in whose purse might jingle silver.
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  • When the king fretted for speed, he was admonished to consider his walking men though they, marvelously, never tired for all the length of the journey.

  • When she returns if she returns she will burn them and scatter the ashes. What happens when the police are forced to cope with something the likes of which they've never encountered before?
  • Which also caused you to change from being a pretty good Marine officer to a fuckup.

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    His crowd of hired bravos were to rush in shortly afterwards to intimidate the priors.

    In February 1943, after General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander, Southwest Pacific Ocean Area, and Admiral Chester W. The density of the spectral travelers increased proportionally as they drew nearer to the avenue.

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