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Without a qualm, he'd crouched and searched through the pockets for any coin or items that might be pawned or traded. The sharp click as she pulled the hammer back to full cock with her right thumb made one of the big antelope raise its head, still chewing but scanning for the unfamiliar sound.

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  • A bit of rock fell from where Idaho clutched at it. He carried himself like a chieftain or shaman, thought Talon, and there was an aura of power about him.
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  • What they really think and feel can be discovered by reading second-rate novels, where one finds that it is a dreadful thing to be born on the wrong side of the tracks, and that there is as much fuss about a mesalliance as there used to be in a small German Court. I'll tell you, he said softly, if you'll just tell me you're glad to be here.
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  • Lucy-Ann liked Philip too, though she was sometimes jealous when Jack showed his liking for him. That man may be along at any moment, you can t tell.
  • The politicians, the media, practically no one and nothing public will take any initiative. Her hair had come loose and was hanging down all around her face.
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  • FLINT: If your Honor please, the prosecution has one more witness to introduce.
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  • The machine's sensors shot awake and began to scream their warning to the scientists on earth.
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    As he came to trust that the great oaks would not harm him, his horror of the trees began to wane and he found his place in it all.
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  • By now the small interrogation room is split-level with smoke.
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